We offer the option of incorporating side cabinets, side bookshelves or WallBeds that have no side accessories. There are a multitude of unit combinations available for your preference. We can also supply you with the Mechanisms only if you wish to create your own wall bed system.

Quick & Effortless

The inconvenience of making up a spare bed for a guest or family member, dissappears when you own a wallbed.  You can now have a ready made bed at a moments notice. All of our WallBeds have been designed so you can leave on your sheets, pillows and doona. Simply lower your bed and you are ready to go in seconds. When you're finished, conveniently fold your wall bed away effortlessly. Its so easy to use that even kids and can operate our wall bed system.


The functionality and flexibility of a wall bed is a winning formula WallBeds beds transform your space from something that looks stylish during the day to something which is both practical and comfortable at night, in just a few seconds! They are designed to easily integrate into your wardrobe, media centre, home office and generally any place in your property.

Whether you own a new house, are renting or are in the middle of renovating. Our wall beds can be built-in to an inset wall space or we can supply you with complete cabinetry to create a wall bed with side shelves or no shelves, whatever suits your needs. If you are concerned about low ceilings in your property then a horizontal wall bed is the solution. 

Comfortable & Easy to Use

We believe that even an occasionally used bed should be as comfortable as your own bed. Do away with the old fold out sofa bed and embrace the smarter way to save space and enjoy a good nights sleep on your full size wall bed.

Sizes and Options
Our 'Wall Beds Australia' wallbeds are available in standard SINGLE, DOUBLE, QUEEN and KING SIZE.

Murphy Wall Beds System

'Murphy WallBed Sytems' used in our beds, have improved the hardware over the years including the strength of the frame and the load baring potential of the counterbalance system. These benefits have enabled a variety of ways to disguise the face of the wall bed when folded away. With the capacity to take a lot of weight, wall bed owners now have the option to attach mirrors, flat screen televisions and now even a Desk that folds away when you lower your Alpha Bed.

-  Take Control of your Space  -