Are Wallbeds easy to use?

Yes. All of our Wallbeds systems use a spring loaded mechanism. Providing the spring assembly guide is followed when you assemble your wall bed the  system requires very little effort to open and close.

Do you offer an Installation Service?

Yes we do offer installation.  Availability of direct installation, largely depends on your location.  Time required can take 6-8 hours for two people to assemble a wall bed system.  The installation costs are in addition to the cost of your wallbed and the rate can vary from $500 - $600 to assemble and install.  Alternatively if you have the time and adequate building skills, you can save yourself these costs and install it yourself.

Is the Wallbed installation easy to DIY?

The wallbed installation requires an advanced level of assembly skills as well as a good working knowledge of how to use hand tools.  An installation instruction guide is provided, the guide is technical and does require the use of electric tools. The Wallbed installation is therefor essentially suited to people with experience in building or handy-man work. 

When installing, it is essential to read and familiarise yourself with our instructions thoroughly before and during the installation process. It is common to jump ahead and then later have to undo prior steps to complete the install correctly. Roughly 8 hours would need to be put aside for the install as there are many steps to the assembly. Lastly keep in mind, at certain stages throughout the process two strong and capalble people will be required to lift and hold the mechanisms in place while being screwed in. 

Is a wall bed good enough for everyday use?

Yes. The quality of your sleep will depend on your mattress, no different to your floor bed.

Do I need to remove the linen?

No. All WallBeds Australia wall beds come with a strap that not only helps secure your mattress but will also keep your bedding on the mattress when you close your bed.

How comfortable are wall beds?

Like any bed the level of comfort will depend on your mattress. At WallBeds Australia we do not sell you a mattress with your bed, YOU get to decide what type of mattress you prefer.

What does my wall bed attach to?

Depending on which Wall Bed you decide on. If you choose a Wall Bed that requires cabinetry, you then attach the cabinet to your wall stud using 3 "L" brackets. The NeXt Bed frame is attached to either your skirting board or floor.

Can I take my wall bed with me if I move?

Yes. All of our range can be disassembled and then re assembled in your new location. Providing you have not built your WallBed into your wall.

Do you freight Australia-wide?

Yes. All of our beds are sent using Toll Freight. Once your bed leaves our warehouse you are supplied with a tracking number so you can follow the moments of your goods on line.

Do you operate a showroom?

The wall bed concept was designed to be an online DYI platform in order to keep prices affordable for customers. A showroom adds costs (floor space lease costs, staff and office equipment costs) that would have to be passed onto you - our customer.  To provide multiple showrooms within viable travel distance of all customers would increase wallbeds costs exponentially which would seem counter-productive overall. Therefor, we do not have a walk-in showroom.

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